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The Sushi Validator is operated by Conner Swann, a Software Engineer, Crypto enthusiast, and Sushi Chef based in San Francisco. He's currently building infrastructure on the cLabs team for the Celo blockchain, a mobile-first blockchain for the future of finance.

He got his start in crypto at O(1) Labs, where he built out the first several iterations on Testnet infrastructure, among a multitude of other tasks and projects. Also, most notably, he made a ton of really amazing connections in the Mina and Crypto communities at large through his work there and continues to contribute to the Mina ecosystem.

The Problem:

For anyone with Mina bags, all have the same basic issue: By not immediately delegating their stake, they run the risk of being diluted out of their Mina positions!

The Sushi Validator was borne out of this need, and will support the growth of the Mina Blockchain by faithfully participating in consensus!

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