Mainnet is coming

Are you ready for sushi?

The staking pool run by Sushi Masters

The operators of The Sushi Validator have worked on the guts of the Mina Blockchain and are all too aware of what makes it taste so good. Our team has toiled cumulatively for close to a decade building out the best operational processes around validator infrastructure.

Benefit from our shared experience, get staking rewards -- without the hassle!

Delegation Address

The public key used to delegate funds to Sushi Validator is:


Staking Pool benefits

  • Reduce your risk of missed staking rewards with our high-uptime Block Producer infrastructure (we built the testnet!).

  • Have peace of mind and earn staking rewards safely.

  • We have been arm-deep in the codebase, so you don't have to!

  • Low Fees, just 4.5%*!

Who are we?

We are a team of die-hard crypto engineers who truly understand what it takes to operate secure, high-availbility validator infrastructure. We have all worked with O(1) Labs and have a vested interest in the protocol's success. We offer our staking services to other Alumni who have worked on the Mina Blockchain as well as the broader Mina community.

We support decentralization and highly recommend splitting up your stake delegation across multiple validators.

Join the discord community

The Sushi Validator team has created an invite-only community for technical operators to mingle and share knowledge around the release of Mina Mainnet. If you run a product or service that leverages the Mina Blockchain in some way, we would love to have you!

Fill out this interest form and the community moderators will be in touch!

Other Staking Pools we support:

Operated by Gareth Davies, an early member and pillar of the Mina Community.

Want a mention?

We're looking for amazing community staking pools to promote here! Reach out on Twitter.

We all have a stake!

Sushi Validator supports decentralization and the proliferation of self-run Mina Block Producers.